What fiber can be used for Brillouin Sensing?

Generally you would use standard Telco Singlemode fibers. Brillouin scattering is an unwanted effect in Telco fibers. Latest Telco Singlemode designs target to suppress Brillouin scattering as much as possible. Hence older type Telco fibers will generally increase the quality of the Brillouin Signal and have a positive effect on accuracy.

Can you discriminate between temperature and strain ?

With BOTDA you measure frequency changes that are caused by temperature or strain. The cable layout and design needs to make sure that you either measure temperature or strain.

What is the wavelength of commercial Brillouin Sensors?

Commercial Sensors use exclusively 1550nm due to the availability of narrowband lasers at this wavelength.

What range of temperature can you measure with Brillouin Sensors ?

The range is limited by the operating conditions of the Fibers or Cables used for your application. We have setup a special section for this points within distributedsensing.net .

Why shall I use Brillouin Sensing for temperature measurements if Raman can do temperature measurements without parasitic effect of strain measurements ?

Brillouin can cover a longer range than commercial Raman sensors.